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Site - 30 ha, property of the company.
Intended use – “for residential buildings with infrastructure elements”.
Location – Brovary, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine.
Planned residential space – 355,000 sq m.
Planned commercial space – 45,000 sq m.


• The site is located in Brovary, Kyiv oblast, 10 km north of Kyiv.
• The southern border of the site is contiguous to the Brovary ring road, which is part of the international highway Kyiv – Saint Petersburg.
• There is an intersection of the new Kyiv ring road 500 m off the front side of the site.
• Brovary, a town of approximately 100,000 people, is the largest and most rapidly developing satellite town of Kyiv due to its well-developed transport and social infrastructure.
• Distance to Boryspil International Airport - 12 km.
• Distance to the nearest metro station Chernihivska in Kyiv is 12 km of a straight 8-lane highway.


Key project parameters
Site area – 29.9982 ha

According to the Master Plan of Brovary, this site of UDC LLC is intended for a modern micro-district, including:
- 55 multistory buildings;
- shopping, office, and entertainment centers;
- a business center;
- numerous infrastructure elements, including multilevel and underground parking facilities, three sports grounds, eight playgrounds, grounds for walking dogs, etc.
This is a greenfield development project intended to meet the latest residential and commercial real estate standards. The project envisages the construction of 10, 12, 14, and 16-story residential buildings in 10 design varieties. The new micro-district will provide 3,968 apartments totaling 355,044 sq m of residential space. The ratio of apartment types in the project takes into account the current trends of Ukraine’s residential property market: 854 (21.89 percent) one-room, 1,186 (30.39 percent) two-room, and 1,862 (47.72 percent) three-room flats. The planned population of the new micro-district is 10,000 people. The commercial areas, including a shopping and office center along the ring road, will exceed 45,000 sq m. All zoning, engineering, technical, and architectural solutions are developed for this project by the Institute of Investment Strategies and Regional Development in Kyiv.
The engineering infrastructure of the project has been designed by Giprograd State Research and Development Institute in Kyiv, the developer of the Brovary Master Plan.
Subsurface exploration has been completed on the site. It established that the level of ground waters starts from 4.2 meters deep from the surface.
The construction will be in three phases. The total built area is to near 400,000 sq m.


This site of UDC LLC is part of District 6 of Brovary, Kyiv oblast.

Stage 1 of the development of the Detailed Area Plan of Residential District 6, planning scheme.
Permission-obtaining process:
• securing permission of all municipal services;
• securing permission of Kyiv oblast services;
• securing permission of the Town Planning Board of Brovary;
• securing permission of the Town Planning Board of Kyiv oblast; and
• securing a positive decision of the Brovary Town Council.

Detailed Area Plan
Permission-obtaining process:
• securing a positive review of the Giprograd Institute, the developer of the Brovary Master Plan;
• securing approval of all municipal services;
• securing approval of all Kyiv oblast services;
• securing approval of the Town Planning Board of Brovary;
• securing approval of the Town Planning Board of Kyiv oblast; and
• securing a decision of the Brovary Town Council approving the Detailed Area Plan of Residential District 6.

Permission and design documents
• securing a decision of the Brovary Town Council issuing a construction permit to UDC LLC (according to the Brovary development rules, this document is permission for design and survey works);
• the Town Planning and Architecture Board of Brovary Design issues an architectural planning assignment (APA) to Ukrainian Development Company LLC;
• site-examination certificate; and
• soil-removal certificate.

Schematic Design
• The Brovary Town Planning Council approves the Schematic Design of the part of District 6 occupied by the site of UDC LLC. The Schematic Plan includes all basic specifications and parameters of the future micro-district, ensuring smooth implementation of the developer’s technological preferences at the final planning stage.


Given the persisting acute shortage of housing in Ukraine and lowered construction costs, the demand for inexpensive and quality housing will remain stable in the medium and long term.
A decent price, a high degree of project elaboration and legal support, healthy environmental conditions due to the proximity to a large forested area dubbed “The Lungs of Kyiv,” as well as the developed transport infrastructure of Brovary, are the key competitive advantages of this project.

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